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Recognized as a 2024 Excellent Health and Productivity Management Organization
(Large Enterprise Category).

Maruzen Chemicals Co., Ltd. has been certified as a 2024 Excellent Health and Productivity Management Organization (Large Enterprise Category) under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program jointly implemented by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi. This recognition will be valid for a consecutive 3-year period from FY 2022.
We will continue to work on various measures, considering health and productivity management as essential management challenges.

Health Management Declaration of Maruzen Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Maruzen Chemicals Co., Ltd. is committed to management that values the health of its employees, based on the management philosophy of creating a corporate culture that ensures prosperity for our employees and their families. Corporate activities and growth would not be possible without the vitality of our employees. We are committed to corporate management that allows all employees to be energetic and maximize their abilities by fostering an open and healthy workplace culture and creating a comfortable working environment for everyone. We encourage all employees to take the initiative in managing their health and work as a team to create a healthy and comfortable workplace.
Driven by the health and vitality of our executives and employees, Maruzen Chemicals will carry on integrity and pursue a prosperous tomorrow through chemistry.

June 1, 2021
Maruzen Chemicals Co., Ltd.
President: Daisuke Yanagihara

Health Management Promotion System

Health Management Promotion System

Health Management Strategy Map

Current efforts to reduce health risks

Current efforts to reduce health risks
  • Increasing the rate of health checkups (aiming for a 100% checkup rate)
  • Conducting stress checks and providing mental healthcare
  • Taking measures against passive smoking (no smoking during working hours)
  • Promoting the use of annual paid leave (the use of at least 50% of the number of days granted)
  • Decreasing in obesity rate
  • Implementing walking campaigns


2021 2022 2023
Rate of employees undergoing regular health checkups 100% 100% 100%
Rate of employees undergoing stress-check tests 92.1% 94.0% 94.0%
Rate of paid annual leave taken 59.0% 60.7% 65.7%
Average overtime hours 11 hours/month 12 hours/month 13 hours/month
Average length of service 12.0 years 12.0 years 12.5 years
Rate of employees maintaining the optimal weight
(BMI 18.5 to < 25)
58.4% 63.0% 62.5%
Rate of employees participating in walking events 32.2% 28.6% 48.6%