Mission Statement,
Company Philosophy and
Code of Conduct

Cherishing sincerity in pursuit of a brighter tomorrow through chemicals.

Mission Statement

Integrity is our virtue and we pursue this with sound management

Company Philosophy

We will create a network of trust as a partner in the exchange of information and manufacturing.
We will create a corporate culture that ensures prosperity for our employees and their families.
We will contribute to the welfare of society through the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct summarizes Maruzen Chemical’s philosophy and mission statement in five principles. It was established to confirm that the company respects all persons, whether in Japan or overseas, and strictly complies with all related laws and international rules, both in letter and in spirit, and works toward the development of a sustainable society, with the good of society uppermost in mind.

1 Stance toward our business partners


We constantly create operations from the customer’s point of view, respecting our business partners as a vital business resource.

Safety and peace of mind

We ensure that everyone who uses our products and services can do so safely and with peace of mind.


We hold all of our business partners’ confidential information in the strictest secrecy.

2 Stance toward our shareholders


We actively disclose information to ensure highly transparent management.

Shareholder value

We generate robust earnings for shareholders through our business operations.


We recognize and uphold accountability for our business activities and promote understanding of our operations.

3 Stance of our employees


We respect other employees as valued co-workers, never discriminating on the basis of sex, age, position etc.


Regardless of workplace, we take pride in our company and our work, striving ever forward.


Each individual is responsible for the results of his or her own actions.

4 Stance toward administration


We comply strictly with all applicable laws, conducting business activities that benefit society at all times.

Repudiation of antisocial forces

We refuse to have any dealings whatsoever with antisocial forces that threaten the good order and safety of civilized society.

Financial statements

We adopt appropriate accounting standards and make every effort to ensure that financial statements are free from material misstatement, whether caused by fraud or error.

5 Stance toward society

Respect for the regional community

We respect the culture and standards of regional communities and contribute to the development of the regions in which we do business.

Contribution to society

We strive to contribute to society with all of our actions.

Environmental initiatives

We respond to and take action toward environmental issues in our vicinity.