We support the present and future of various industries with global-standard high-quality, highly functional, and environmentally friendly products.


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Business Overview

Our Chemical Division is now handling four core businesses i.e., chemical raw materials, surface treatment, functional resins and environmental energy. Over the years, we have procured raw materials and products from countries and regions worldwide and have been a supplier of these from our reliable domestic sources.

We import raw materials and products widely from China, India, Southeast Asian countries, the USA, and European countries, to meet the needs of Japan's industrial sectors.
In addition to our global standard quality and high functionality, we will continue supporting the development of the industries that form the foundation of Japan by meeting our customers’ demands in terms of delivery time, cost and environmental consideration.

Key Business

  • Chemical raw materials

    Raw materials for chemical products, silicone products, fatty acid related, fertilizer and feed materials

  • Surface treatment

    Various metal compounds, metal surface treatment agents, plating agents, and coating agents

  • Functional resin

    Resin raw materials, resin additives, biomass raw materials, and recycled raw materials

  • Environmental energy

    Proposals of energy cost reduction, environmental products, and clean energy raw materials

Strategic Field

Supplying specialty chemicals as a distributor for Emery Oleochemicals Group


Established in 1840 in Ohio, USA , Emery Oleochemicals Group has commenced production and sales of tallow and candle, now become a manufacturer producing top quality naturally derived derivatives from natural fat and oil. We provide the market with products from five business units: fatty acid derivatives, green polymer additives, bio-lubricants, agro-green products, and eco-friendly polyols.

Supply of Wacker Asahikasei Silicone's products to all industrial fields


Having our strategic partnership with Wacker Asahikasei Silicone Co., Ltd., possessing the world’s highest level of production technology, we provide a stable supply of high-quality products that best match all industrial fields in Japan, centering on defoamers, releasing agents, water repellents etc.
Silicone are in various forms including, oil, varnish, rubber, resin, silane, and emulsion which features various properties including excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, electrical properties, chemical resistance, water repellency, releasing properties, and defoaming properties.

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Contributing to customers with our ability to make multifaceted proposals in the environmental energy field.

We are also actively involved in the environmental energy field, which has been gaining importance in recent years, and we offer a variety of products to our business partners to reduce their energy costs.
We also offer services to recycle and reuse waste liquids, containers, and other materials and services that utilize geothermal heat.
Furthermore, we are committed to reducing our environmental burden and expanding sales of clean products and raw materials that are concerned to global environment.

Products in Focus

Green Polymer Additives

Fatty acid ester additives,
releasing agents,
anti-cloud agents,
antistatic agents

Ozone Products

Azelaic acid,

Pelargonic acid

Wacker Asahikasei Silicone

Emery Oleochemicals Group Emery Oleochemicals Group

Straight oil, modified oil, defoaming oil, releasing agent, water repellent agent, resin additive

Silicone Chart

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Initiatives for sustainability in the Chemical Division

Towards various SDGs goals,

each division is working to start and expand the handling of better raw materials and products.

Main Activities

  • Contributing to reduce environmental impact by promoting sales of recycled products to reduce waste and expanding sales of eco-friendly products.
  • Contributing to prevention of marine pollution by expanding sales of highly biodegradable raw materials and biomass-derived raw materials for correspondence to microchips.
  • Contributing to carbon neutrality by expanding sales of raw materials for renewable energy such as biomass power generation fuel and providing related solutions.
Initiatives for sustainability in the Chemical Division Initiatives for sustainability in the Chemical Division Initiatives for sustainability in the Chemical Division Initiatives for sustainability in the Chemical Division

Handling Products

Chemical raw materials

  • Raw materials for chemical products

    Various chlor-alkali products, phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, sodium percarbonate, titanium oxide, zinc oxide, oxalic acid, surfactants, ethers, chelating agents, and various solvents

  • Silicone products

    Defoamers, dimethyl silicone oil, water repellents, resin modifiers, concrete modifiers, and silane coupling agents

  • Oil and fat products

    Various fatty acids, glycerin, fatty acid esters, fatty acid amides, and fatty alcohols

  • Fertilizer and
    feed materials

    Nitrates (potassium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, etc.), phosphates (MAP, DAP, MKP, etc.), formic nitrogen, urea, pigment-related materials (Dunaliella and marigold), glutamic acid fermentation lees

Surface treatment

  • Various metal compounds

    Metal salts (copper, tin, nickel, zinc, cobalt, lithium, gold, and silver)

  • Metal surface treatment chemicals

    Degreasing detergents (fluorinated, water-based, hydrocarbon-based), MSA, sulfamic acids, organic acids, phosphates, abrasives, and chromic anhydride

  • Plating chemicals

    Zinc plating, chrome plating, nickel plating, tin plating, DMAB (reducing agent), and various other agents

  • Coating materials

    Water repellents, hydrophobic agents, antistatic agents, antibacterial agents, and rust inhibitors

Functional resin

  • Resin raw materials

    PP, PE, PVC, EVA, PC, and ABS

  • Resin additives

    Lubricants, antifogging agents, plasticizers, antistatic agents, deodorants, and antibacterial agents

  • Biomass raw materials

    Rice resin, scallop shell antimicrobial powder, eggshell powder, and biopolyol

  • Recycled raw materials

    Recycled polyimide, recycled PE, PP, PC, and ABS

Environmental energy

  • Energy cost reduction

    LED and steam trap

  • Environmental friendly products

    Powdered baking soda, activated carbon, soil conditioner, and ethylene urea

  • Clean energy

    Biomass feedstock, geothermal heat utilization, and biodiesel feedstock