We will open the future of agribusiness which is the foundation of “food”
by a stable supply of agricultural chemicals, fertilizers,
and materials that contribute
to improving the productivity of safe and secure agricultural products.


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Business Overview

Agribusiness is the foundation of food, indispensable for us, and continues to progress through technological innovation. In recent years, however, the industry's circumstances have become increasingly severe due to social issues, such as climate change, soaring resource prices, and a declining population.

Our Agricultural Division supplies many materials and products in agrochemicals, production materials, fertilizers, and fine chemicals in Japan and other Asian countries.
In addition to agriculture, we are also developing products through our greening business and with hardware stores, and are challenging new possibilities in agribusiness.

Key Business

  • Agrochemical


    Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides,
    insecticidal fungicides, and soil disinfectants

  • Fertilizers


    Foliar sprays, soil conditioners,
    chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers,

  • Production materials

    Production materials

    Facility materials, covering materials,
    shading materials, heat insulation materials, and PeSP seedlings

Strategic Field



We offer biostimulant products that contribute to "Strategy for Sustainable Food Systems, MeaDRI"

We are developing biostimulant products to contribute to "Strategy for Sustainable Food Systems, MeaDRI" promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan. For products such as liquid fertilizers, we have partnered with OAT Agrio, a pioneer in the industry, to expand our product supply system and services to our customers in a timely manner.

photovoltaic generation (solar panels)

Greening Business

Offering various products for photovoltaic generation (solar panels) and greening business.

We offer products that help to improve the efficiency of operation and management of businesses related to photovoltaic generation (solar panels) and greening business by using our know-how and experiences cultivated over many years in the agricultural field. Specifically, we offer herbicides and weed prevention sheets that are effective against weeds growing around the panels, and we have a positive feedback from our customers for reducing their maintenance burden.

For Solar Business
Main Products

  • Herbicides
  • Weed Barrier Sheet

Products in Focus

Initiatives for sustainability
in Agricultural Division

Towards various SDGs goals,
each division is working to start and expand the handling of better raw materials and products.

Main Activities

  • Expanding sales of agrochemicals, fertilizers, and biostimulants, subsequently contributing to stable crop supply.
  • Expanding sales of biodegradable multi film, which is degraded by microorganisms, to help solve the problem of waste plastics.
  • Contributing to agriculture amid climate change by selling air-conditioned clothing to reduce the burden of farm work in the face of global warming and shading nets for vinyl greenhouses.
化学品事業部におけるサステナビリティに向けた取り組み 化学品事業部におけるサステナビリティに向けた取り組み 化学品事業部におけるサステナビリティに向けた取り組み 化学品事業部におけるサステナビリティに向けた取り組み 化学品事業部におけるサステナビリティに向けた取り組み

Handling Products

  • Herbicides

    Chlorate, Backup, Pregrocks L, Banvel D, Kuzukoron, Kusablow liquid, and Kusatoroze

  • Wet-field rice herbicides

    Kanetsugu, Sasuke, Hanzo, Utopia, Go Sign

  • Insecticides

    Onkol, Hachi hachi emulsifier, DaniSaraba, Suffoil emulsion, Orion hydrate, and Acaritouch

  • Soil disinfectants

    Chlorpicrin, Chlopic80, and Chlopic-tablet

  • Disinfectants

    Saproll Emulsion, Shohchinosuke Floable, and Kali Green

  • Tobacco pesticides

    Contact, Yellow Ribbon-S, and White Ribbon

  • Soil Conditioners

    Kohran, Warakusal EX, Fine, Kohranpunch, Gaia Sosei, and Hi-Pro

  • Biostimulants

    Lidavital, Fullbody, Algamix, and Potetol

  • Fertilizers

    OAT fertilizers, Mild-calcium, Karinto, Maruporon, Carlite, Hospon, Calking, Train, Chemical fertilizers, etc.

  • Facility materials

    Agricultural pipes and components

  • Facility equipment

    Heaters, ventilation fans, and Kunnenki

  • Covering film

    Agricultural vinyl film, agricultural polyethylene film, agricultural polyolefin film, polyolefin film, and film processing

  • Shading, frost protection, and wind protection materials

    Weed control sheets, windbreak nets, shade nets, bird nets, and Cremona cloth

  • Seedling materials

    Paper pots, Kurapapi, and wet-field rice seedling mats

  • Gardening supplies

    FRP Pole and Plant-supporting posts

  • Protective gear

    Keymate masks, Sanko masks, insectivorous adhesive tapes (Kinryu series)

  • Seedlings

    PeSP seedlings (SS seedlings, Cellpost seedlings, coating seedlings, straight seedlings, and simple seedlings) and other seedlings

  • For hardware and drug stores

    Rat glue traps, repellants, and home gardening supplies

  • For solar power installations

    Herbicides, weed barrier sheets, and chemical sprayers

  • Others

    Materials for livestock farming and materials for overseas import/export