We are expanding our domain into new areas, such as disaster prevention by making use of our long-standing business experiences in water and the environment in housing, buildings, and factories.

Business Overview

We have a long history and network of supplying materials and products in the water and air conditioning fields. Utilizing these track records and our established network, we have also been offering environmentally friendly products, for such needs which have increased in recent years, and proposing comprehensive measures for disaster prevention and business continuity planning. We also offer products, materials, and consulting services in various fields that are not limited to the existing business. In the future, we will promote initiatives to accelerate our clients' businesses from new perspectives by leveraging our existing expertise.

Key Business

  • Water and Environmental Business

    A complete set of plumbing equipment and materials (pipes, fittings, tanks, etc.) for buildings, commercial facilities, housing, plants, and public infrastructure; housing equipment (air-conditioning equipment, prefabricated baths, sanitary equipment, etc.); environmentally friendly products

  • Disaster Prevention Business

    Disaster prevention stockpiles, power outage countermeasure products, flood countermeasure products, and infectious disease countermeasure products

Strategic Field

Supplying various materials that support social infrastructure and protect people and the environment.

We support the business activities of customers and companies by offering various materials related to social infrastructures, such as lifelines (e.g., water and sewerage systems, roads, and greenery).
We also propose products and materials that are practical and cost-effective and have less impact on people and the environment. Furthermore, in recent years, we have expanded our business proposals in new areas and engaged in consulting for entire businesses.

Supplying various materials for chemical, manufacturing, and other plants.

We can supply high-quality, highly functional materials suited to the processes at various plants by leveraging our expertise and know-how cultivated over many years of experience in business with the chemical and various manufacturing industries. Not only upon the completion of new plants but also at an expansion of equipment and lines in existing plants, a review of operation and management systems, and the replacement of materials in the event of malfunctioning, please feel free to contact us regardless of the size of the project.

Proposing measures for disaster prevention/mitigation and corporate BCP measures.

In recent years, with the increasing number of natural disasters, it has become essential for companies to have a business continuity plan (BCP) for reducing damage from disasters and prevention of disasters.
In addition to introducing our hygiene kit OTASUKEMARU and other products and services useful in times of disasters, our staffs, who are certified disaster prevention specialists, will propose comprehensive measures.

Products in Focus

  • GOLPLA neo GOLPLA neo

    GOLPLA neo

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    GOLPLA neo is a turf protection block that supports the creation of new green environments for greening factories, golf courses, parks, and other open spaces and parking lots.

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  • Disaster prevention stockpile set OTASUKEMARU Disaster prevention stockpile set OTASUKEMARU

    Disaster prevention stockpile set OTASUKEMARU

    We have developed our original product, OTASUKEMARU, a disaster prevention stockpile set (for general consumers and women) that specializes in keeping hygiene in times of disaster. We propose widely to companies, schools, and local governments.

  • Flood protection products

    Flood protection products

    Provides waterstops and water bags that can be easily and quickly installed against heavy downpour.

  • Epista products

    Epista products

    Non-alcoholic wet wipes that can be used safely by everyone from babies to the elderly, and a self-supporting portable toilet designed by a female disaster prevention specialist.

Initiatives for sustainability in the Water & Environmental Solutions Division

Towards various SDGs goals,

each division is working to start and expand the handling of better raw materials and products.

Main Activities

  • Contributing to social infrastructure development by expanding quake-resistant and corrosion-resistant piping sales.
  • Contributing to preventing the spread of damage from frequent natural disasters by expanding sales of water storage bins/watertight boards that can be quickly and easily installed as flood countermeasures.
  • Expanding sales of air purifiers using photocatalyst technology to improve sanitary environments.
Initiatives for sustainability in the Water & Environmental Solutions Division Initiatives for sustainability in the Water & Environmental Solutions Division Initiatives for sustainability in the Water & Environmental Solutions Division Initiatives for sustainability in the Water & Environmental Solutions Division Initiatives for sustainability in the Water & Environmental Solutions Division

Handling Products

  • Pipes and Fittings

    Agru Plastics, Aronkasei, VANTEC, Kawanishi Water Supply Equipment, CCI, Resonac Kenzai, Shiraishi, SHINTECH, Sekisui Chemical, TAK Manufacturing, Tabuchi, Toa Kokyu Tsugite, Bridgestone, Maesawa Kasei Kogyo, Maesawa Plumbing, and Mirai Kogyo

  • Valves

    Asahi Yukizai, KITZ, George Fisher, Sekisui Chemical, Toyo Valve, Tomoe Valve, and Nippon Daiya Valve

  • Tanks

    Alpha Plus, SUN FLUORO SYSTEM, Suiko, Sekisui Aqua System, Dylite, TIP COMPOSITE, BELTECNO, and Morimatsu Kogyo

  • Water Supply and Drainage Equipment

    Itachibori Mfg., Daito Factory, Technotec, Purepai Corp., Horkos, and Maruichi

  • Instrumentation Equipment

    Aichi Watch Electric, Optek-Dannlat GmbH, and Synqroa

  • Packing

    San-Esu Rubber Industry, Sekisui Chemical, NICHIAS, and Moriya Rubber Industry

  • Flexible Cable

    TOZEN, Zenshin, TOAFLEX, Naigai Rubber, Nangoku Flexible Hose Industry, and Hachiken

  • Hoses and Fittings

    Kanaflex, Kuraray Plastics, Tsukiji Seisakusho, Totaku Kogyo, Toyox, and Bridgestone

  • Plastics Processing

    VIC, Kansai Kako, Masatani, and Miraijushi

  • Pumps

    TACMINA, Teral, and World Chemical

  • Housing Equipment and Appliances

    Kaltech, KVK, SANEI, Sekisui Hometechno, Daikin, Housetec, BReCS, and Mitsubishi Electric

  • Civil Engineering Materials

    Kanaflex, KONDO Chemical Industry, Shinko Nylon, Tigers Polymer, Takiron C.I. Civil, Chububika Corporation, Denka, Totaku Industries, Toriikasei, Nihon Kogyo, Maeda Kosen, Unitika, and Yotsugi

  • Road Materials

    NIPPO, Sankin, and Sekisui Plastics

  • Agricultural Materials

    Sakata Seed Corporation, Nihon Widecloth, Hokutsu, and Masaru Industries

  • Others

    H.IKEUCHI, Kasai Sangyo, Chelest, Kodama Plastics, Sanko, Sekisui Seikei, Sekisui Techno Molding, Sekisui Fuller, Cera-Chem, Daiko Pharmaceutical, Nippon FRP, Hamanetsu, Hino Kogyo, Honcho Chemical, Mie Jukogyo, and Wakyo Sangyo

  • Disaster Prevention and BCP Products

    In-house product OTASUKEMARU, food products, hygiene products, evacuation supplies, flood countermeasure products, power outage countermeasure products, and infectious disease countermeasure products

  • *Manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order.