Product information

An environmental solution to combat the “heat island” effects and reduce CO2 emissions

turf protection blocks GOLPLA NEO

GOLPLA neo is a turf protection block that contributes to the greening of factories, golf courses, parks, and parking areas.

turf protection block
  • An eco-friendly recycled product
    GOLPLA neo is made of injection-molded recycled polypropylene.
  • Superior load bearing
    The honeycomb shape adds strength.
  • Modular blocks
    The blocks measure 500 x 500 x 45 mm for easy combination to suit different applications.
  • Easier root growth for turf
    The semicircular cuts in the walls of the honeycomb make it easier for turf to take root.
    The compacted surface also allows the turf to easily enter the interior of the blocks.

Plan View

GOLPLA neo* Dimensions: 500 x 500 mm (t= 45)

Plan View

Greening of general-use parking area (standard cross-section)

GOLPLA neo* Dimensions: 500 x 500 mm (t= 45)

Greening of general-use parking area (standard cross-section)

Pressure Test Results

Compacted point A B
Loaded on center of honeycomb Loaded between honeycombs
Compacted point A Compacted point B
Max. stress 24.7kN(3146kN/m2) 24.7kN(3146kN/m2)
T-25 load safety factor 6.6 3.2

※*T-25 load is 472.5 kN/m2.

■Test conditions:
(1) Temperature: 23°C, Humidity: 65% (2) Compaction rate: 10 mm/min load applied vertically by pressing with a 10-mm-dia. rod and measuring the maximum stress.

GOLPLA neo for green parking


Check the finish of the sub-base.


Evenly spread the base soil and compact it.

For the compactor, use small vibration rollers or 4 t combined rollers or the like.


Lay GOLPLA neo.

Assemble so that the arrows on the bottom of the blocks point to the parking direction.


Place base soil in the cavities of the GOLPLA neo and rake lightly.


Spray water until the base soil is 1 to 1.5 cm below the top of the blocks.


Lay the turf and compact it with a roller, pressing it into the blocks.

(Spraying water on the turf makes this easier.)

Use a compactor with small vibration rollers or 4 t combination rollers or the like.

Use a vibrocompactor on the edges.


Spray with a sufficient quantity of water after pressing in the turf. Provide post-planting care if necessary.

* Limit vehicle access and allow a 2-week settling period.

Inquire with our construction representative regarding early use.

Combining GOLPLA neo
Laying GOLPLA neo
Laying turf
Laying turf
Laying of turf completed
Laying of turf completed
Turf compaction
Turf compaction
Turf installation completed
Turf installation completed
  • For easier block-laying with a consistent finish, evenly prepare the lower base soil while monitoring its height.
  • The base soil used to fill the cavities of GOLPLA neo should be sandy. Using a clay soil can cause the soil to attach to tires when the turf has died or during or after rain, which can cause the surroundings to become dirty.
  • GOLPLA neo should be laid only on ground with a gradient of less than 5%.
  • Use caution when walking on GOLPLA greening parking areas with high heels.