Contracting/Outsourcing synthesis services

  • Providing outsourcing services not only in Japan but also in China, India, and South Korea.
  • We respond to various requests for pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates, resin additives, and electronic materials.
  • We handle projects abroad which have difficulties to correspond in Japan due to various concerns including cost reduction, rationalization and reaction concerns using hazardous substances.
  • Phosgene reaction

    Phosgene reaction
  • Fluorination reaction

    Fluorination reaction
  • Mercaptan synthesis reaction

    Mercaptan synthesis reaction
  • LAH reduction

    LAH reduction
  • Reduction using NaBH4

    Reduction using NaBH4
  • Vapor phase catalysis

    Vapor phase catalysis
  • Reaction with carbon monoxide

    LAH reduction
  • Reaction with carbon dioxide

    Reaction with carbon dioxide
  • Reaction with hydrogen peroxide

    Reaction with hydrogen peroxide
  • Sandmeyer reaction

    Sandmeyer reaction
  • Ullmann reaction

    Ullmann reaction
  • Use of chlorinated organic solvents

    Introduction of contractors capable of employing chlorinated solvents

    • Chloroform
    • Dichloromethane
    • Trichloroethylene
    • Tetrachloroethylene,

    and other products

  • Refining and recrystallization

    • Contracting of refining and recrystallization
    • Several contractors in Japan
    • Support for quantities of reagent and larger quantities
    • Recrystallization of compounds with low boiling points
    • Granularity and crystal form support
    • Development of manufacturing processes
  • Fine grinding

    • Grinding, classification, drying, mixing, screening, granulation, and other services
    • Several contractors in Japan
    • Support for quantities of reagent and bulk quantities